Abstract Zaccaria (40/2016)

In D.L. 6,13 (= FGrHist 84 F 24) the biographer Neanthes attributes to Antisthenes of Athens the symbolic act of ἁπλῶσαι θοἰμάτιον, which must mean ‘unfolding the mantle’. This attribution was meant to indicate that Antisthenes has to be considered the real founder of Cynicism, being even superior to Diogenes of Sinope in his ‘endurance’. The nickname Ἁπλοκύων, also attributed to Antisthenes by D.L. 6,13, should therefore be translated ‘Dog with the unfolded mantle’. Finally, the same nickname was probably also used as a reference to Antisthenes by Plu. Brut. 34,4, where it is attributed to the Roman Favonius.