Abstract Dorandi (41/2017)

Recent archaeological excavations have led some scholars to lower the date of construction of the „Villa dei Papiri“ in Herculaneum to the third quarter of the first century BC. On the basis of the new chronology, G.W. Houston concluded that the Villa cannot have belonged to Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus († 43 BC), the patron of Philodemus of Gadara, and that consequently the library stored in it did not belong to the Epicurean philosopher. In my opinion, there is no evidence for doubting that Philodemus was the owner of the library. Instead, the new chronology allows us to prove that probably the library was transferred to the Villa (regardless of the identity of its owner) only after the death of Philodemus (ca. 30 BC). On this occasion, several old or battered volumina were copied onto new rolls or restored.